Steens fools use virtual space – stones

Steens fools use virtual space - stones

Carnival in Steenan is taking place on Facebook this year, and the Carnival Society “Michfer Flig” has agreed to it. There is exciting virtual information about fractions and backgrounds.

The carnival in Steenan takes place on Facebook this year, with heavy-hearted fools agreeing at a closing ceremony at home. The best way to keep your distance is online, and the Carnival Society “motherfighter flig” also does not want to test if clap masks will meet the latest requirements.

Can you ban Carnival in virtual space? With a heavy mind, Steinens Fasnatschegelshaft decided to do so. Frogs, pug-holes and witches also have to compromise. Steinmer fools know what’s at stake. So he made the latter his motto. “Coronre – Au Me Smears” is the motto on the Carnival plaque, available this year, even if there is no move support. The plaque is a slightly different solidarity contribution this year, as the campaign in 2021 still worked. Planning, rescheduling, looking for a replacement – Carnival were enthusiastic and engaged.

Bring carnival home

“We want to bring people home with Carnival,” says Kai Bornashechin from Hillesteiner Freshen. Which is a contradiction in itself, but Carnival is even more contradictory with the AHA rules and brings the sacrament to consciousness.

Fools began with a video of the opening of Carnival on 6 January. The inspiration for old silent films was when Felix Kropf visited the three co-partners and gave them feather dusters as a relay to wipe the dust. This year, how many people have gone missing at the Carnival, not that the video has already received more than 2,000 clicks.

S’isch Fasnacht in the city! Since Saturday’s photos by Jochen Schesinger can be seen in Lrach. There is also some information about clicks, symbolic figures, and music photographs.

So now all Hs’ are suitable for Carnival and we can start. Where is the bus Stanimer “Coronare” lives in the home office and has decided to continue the information about Carnival online. Why is Fasnat celebrated? What are the great days columns on the site? This year is the time for aspiring carnival enthusiasts to get to the bottom of such things.

Carnival newspaper is also presented without contact

“Everyone is talking about the Balemanisation of Carnival, which we want to break and show the break. Carnival is such a part of custom and culture and comfort,” Kai Bornschekid calls it a completely different campaign . Culture and leisure have a hard time these days, so you have to come up with options.

There is a Carnival newspaper again this year, it will be distributed from February 6 with the required rules. “If you don’t want to make any contact, you can put the money in front of the door,” says Kai Bornshein.

What is there?

You can order a badge or Narenziteung at [email protected] or by phone on 01728047852, 07627-8736; Plaques and newspapers are also available from Hiber, Patchwork, Deutsche Post and Bakery Seeger. Micado also has newspapers. Videos for the opening of Carnival and more information about the Stinem Carnival

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