Still, there is a huge disparity: the Netherlands promises more weapons to Ukraine

Still, there is a huge disparity: the Netherlands promises more weapons to Ukraine

Nevertheless, the huge disparity
Netherlands promises more weapons to Ukraine

There are reports of Western weapons deliveries to Ukraine. Dutch Prime Minister Rutte promised more systems during his visit. Colonel A. D. Ralph Thiele sees the Ukrainians in a much worse position than the Russians, despite Western deliveries.

During a visit to Kyiv, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Root promised Ukraine more weapons. “It is important that we help here now and make sure Ukraine can defend itself,” Root told Dutch TV station NOS in the Ukrainian capital. “It doesn’t stop.” According to the Netherlands, the Netherlands has so far delivered weapons worth about 173 million euros to Ukraine, including self-propelled howitzers.

Five heavy guns have already been supplied, and three more are to follow. It was Ruthe’s first visit to Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February. He was also scheduled to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday afternoon. In the morning, the route visited the hard-hit Kyiv suburbs of Borodjanka, Buka and Irpin.

Retired Colonel Ralph Thiele watches In an interview with NTV Ukrainians are far behind the Russians in weapons systems. “If you look at Ukraine’s development in the south, you have to see this fundamental mismatch of Russian guns, which have about 1,000 more artillery guns than Ukrainians.” In addition, the Russians will fire about 20,000 shells a day, which is three times more than the other side. When it comes to replenishment, Western systems are “so few that they ultimately don’t matter.” According to Thiele, Ukrainians may also use Western high-tech systems “only in the simplest form in a very profane way.” According to Col A, delivery brings additional value. D., but no force.

During his visit, Rutte expressed his dismay at the devastation caused by the Russian attacks. The pictures should make it clear to the Dutch that Ukraine needs help. “There’s a reason we in the Netherlands are ready to simultaneously accept its consequences: rising prices, high energy consumption. And you can see the reason behind me here,” the prime minister pointed to the bombshell. Said increase. The occupation of the Russians in the north and north-west of Kyiv lasted about a month.

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