Taliban eliminates women’s ministry: no more access for women employees

Taliban eliminates women's ministry: no more access for women employees

After the radical Islamists came to power Taliban rights in Afghanistan Woman always banned. Now the women’s ministry has been abolished!

The Taliban has already introduced radical Islamic Sharia law as the current law, making women almost completely banished from everyday life. If women are to be seen in public, it is usually only accepted by Islamic rulers under a full veil.

“New York Times” reporter Sharif Hassan shared a video on Twitter of how employees at the now defunct Women’s Ministry protested her dismissal in front of the building in the capital, Kabul:

“The Taliban disbanded the entire women’s ministry, which means about 1,000 employees, mostly women, have lost their jobs,” Hassan said.

The Women’s Ministry of Women said they had been sent home for weeks. The gate of Mantralaya Bhawan was finally closed on Thursday.

The women’s ministry was changed to “the ministry of prayer and orientation and the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice”. This so-called “Ministry of Virtue” was responsible for the implementation of the most brutal punishments during the Taliban’s first regime (1996–2001).

The religious police appointed by the ministry have also publicly executed executions in the past.

At that time, women were only allowed to leave the house with male relatives. If a woman was traveling alone, she was beaten up by employees of the “Ministry of Virtue”. At that time, the authority was also responsible for enforcing the obligation to pray and forbidding men to shave.

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Since the radical Islamist Taliban took over Afghanistan in late August, they have repeatedly emphasized that they are “more liberal” than they were during their rule from 1996 to 2001. The world has never seen anything like this before.

Dress codes for women have already been introduced, people have been lashed on the streets, schools and universities are either closed or only women and men are allowed separately. In many places, women are no longer allowed to enter educational institutions.

Boys will be able to go to classes again in secondary schools from Saturday. Girls are only allowed to attend primary schools, if at all.

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