Stockch: Heads of Stockch region hope that primary schools will open soon

Stockch: Heads of Stockch region hope that primary schools will open soon

Now there is a plan: Baden-Rebertburg wants to reopen elementary schools on February 22 after the state carnival holidays – but only slowly, and students should initially be taught alternately. Prior to this decision, however, there had been long uncertainty and it was unclear when schools would be able to start classroom teaching. At the moment, elementary schools are open only to emergency care – and the situation poses challenges for schools and students.

About one-third of students in emergency care

Sonja Hartmann, headmistress of Stockch Elementary School, was expecting an opening soon. “It’s high time,” she said before federal-state deliberations on the lockdown. Because you can already tell the children how they are losing their fun in this matter and also in homeschooling and emergency care. About 100 students in Stockch attend emergency care. There are actually 370 children registered in the school.

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Lockdown continues until 31 January: Those responsible in schools expect expansion

At Zizenhausen Elementary School, for which Sonja Hartmann is also responsible, the same applies: About 30 percent of students come for emergency care. These are currently at their capacity limits. For teachers, this means two to three days of emergency care in school per week. In addition, someone tries to give work packages at home to all other children. There is also an online discussion group two to three times a week. Children can talk about their problems. But Sonja Hartmann is certain: “This is no substitute for reality.” In addition, she notices that families are slowly reaching the border.

Video lessons are also included

At Wahlwies Elementary School, approximately ten children out of 95 pupils are in emergency care. According to Principal Ulika Eschbach, children will learn in the morning with course offerings, later offering or liking handicrafts. “We also do video lessons with other classes several times a week.”

Children who stay at home can attend their weekly chores in the school auditorium every Friday and pick them up again on Monday. With his new works for the week. Of course this also means more work for teachers, as Ulika Ashback explained: “Weekends are fully booked for teachers. This is almost more work than usual, also because parents keep asking questions via email. “

Families with different needs

Talking about the present situation, the tenure between the parents is different. Certainly, every situation is different, think Meteor schback. Some children are very independent, while others require more extensive care. But the headmistress of Wehlvi’s Elementary School is also certain: “Children want their social contacts again.”

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Stock room

Lessons Started with Obstacles: How the Next Round of Homeschooling in Schools Started

Blank Space: Currently Stockach schools only have a few face-to-face lessons, such as the Nellenberg School Association.  Most students study from home.

At Winterspren Elementary School, approximately 20 percent of children are registered in emergency care. The headmistress, Bernadette Emler, also knows that the current situation is a huge challenge for everyone involved and it is certainly not possible to please every teacher, every parent and every student.

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