Stress on video: Mitt Romney escapes from the crowd

Stress on video: Mitt Romney escapes from the crowd

Pissing situation on video
Mitt Romney narrowly escapes the crowd

The senators were barely able to protect only when the Capitol was disbanded. Some ran into an angry mob. This is shown by previously unreleased video recordings.

During a storm in the US Capitol, a police officer saved Republican Senator Mitt Romney from a last-minute clash with the intruders, according to a video. In the impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump, prosecutors showed footage from surveillance cameras of the incident on Wednesday 6 January.

Previously unpublished footage shows police officer Eugene Goodman passing through a corridor of the capital and warning the incoming legislator. Romney immediately turns and starts walking. Romney is known as a key insider critic of Trump. There is no information what could have happened if the senator had met Trump’s angry supporters.

Goodman, the policeman, was already known to have faced a mob of intruders on his own. He instigated the intruders to lure them through an open door of the Senate Chamber. On January 20, at the swearing in of US President Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris, Goodman was therefore given the honor of escorting the Vice President. There are also plans in the Congress to honor him with the award.

Prosecutors rely on emotional evidence

In the impeachment lawsuit against Donald Trump, prosecutors came forward with unpublished material. Democratic lawmaker Eric Swelwell, one of the prosecutors in Trump’s impeachment trial, presented a video showing another pathetic situation. The footage shows how Chuck Schumer, then the Senate’s minority leader, and his security guards suddenly have to roam the Capitol to protect themselves from intruders. The prosecution presented a video to then-Vice President Mike Pence showing that the bus was pulled out of the Senate Chamber in time for safety. In the recording the crowd can be heard demanding that Pence be hanged.

Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol on 6 January. Congress met there to certify the electoral victory of Joe Biden, Trump’s successor led by Pence. Five people died, including a police officer, in the grip of rioting. At a rally, Trump stirred up his supporters with the claim that his election victory was stolen.

The nine democratic MPs, now representing the prosecution, rely on solid arguments and emotional evidence. You want to convince senators of a guilty verdict against Trump. They are also addressing the public.

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