Microsoft Edge Browser: End Pending

Microsoft Edge Support is ending
The Internet explorer 11 There is a dinosaur, but there is no official end of support, as it is still mainly used in companies. Still, Microsoft wants to entice users with older browsers. As of November 2020, IE can no longer be used Microsoft team Use. Support for Microsoft 365 web apps will continue until August 2021.

However, this does not mean that the browser will no longer be usable – after all, some internal tools and platforms from companies as well as one or long-established private users still work with it. There is simply not much technical support in case of problems. Microsoft also wants to promote the new Edge more strongly for Internet Explorer users.

It goes so far that some incompatible pages open automatically from Edge when users want to visit pages with Internet Explorer. At least Microsoft describes that in a Supporting document. There is also an option to transfer favorites, passwords, search settings, open tabs, history, settings and cookies. That’s why Microsoft is working hard to encourage Internet Explorer users to use Gush to shake.

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