Stutzl: Compare “Great Honor” with Dreissetel

Stutzl: Compare "Great Honor" with Dreissetel

Young ice hockey star Tim Stutzle does not want to be blinded by his notable debut in the NHL. “I’m happy with this great start, which definitely gives me confidence as well. But you still have to stay on the field, keep working hard, otherwise you won’t achieve anything,” said the 19-year-old in an interview. Old attackers from Ottawa Senators in Game 1.

Support dismisses comparisons with Germany superstar and athlete of the year Leon Dreiszital. They are a “great honor”, he conceded, but he also feels that they are unfair: “Leon is playing an incredible season again. But every player is different: Leon is Leon and I’m Tim. I’m so Always focus on the game. The pressure from outside is always there anyway. “

Compared to other rogues, Stutzley is currently in second place with 19 points from 31 games, trailing the Russian Wild’s Russian Kirill Kapriso and finishing fourth. However, he does not want to be satisfied with his personal early successes. “My goal is to play a long NHL career – and also a successful one: I want to win something!” Stutzley said.

Viersen’s original was drafted by the senators at number three. It may take a long time for the club to come to fruition. Ottawa is ranked seventh and last in the Canada group of the NHL. Stuttley said, “Nobody expected us to win the Stanley Cup this year, but things are going in the right direction:” We will have a very strong team in the next three or four years. “

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