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05.03.2022 | Once upon a time racer across Canada – since 1988 tour do canada West Coast to East Coast. Every year, several dozen participants cover an average of more than 7500 km in 72 days through all ten provinces of the country in the north of the American continent.

Tour do Canada is not only a bike tour, but it is also
A cycling club and a non-profit organization. The tour can be run from June to September every year; From June 22 to September 2 this year. It begins in Vancouver, British Columbia and ends in St. John’s/Labrador, Newfoundland. The Tour is less about competition and more about outside experience and getting to know the country in a particular way.

Participation is open to all; The only restriction for those starting with Europe: you need a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for Canada (more on the application in the last paragraph). An ETA allows travelers to stay in Canada for six consecutive months, making it possible to easily run the entire tour in one go. And there is no need to visit any embassy or consulate for eTA visa, eTA can be applied completely online.

tour do canada start in metropolis
Vancouver on Canada’s west coast, and leads first through the Fraser Valley, one of Canada’s most fertile regions, with lots of agriculture and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Coquihalla Pass ends the Fraser Valley and provides the first actual climbing portions. You then reach the Canadian Rocky Mountains via Rogers Pass, where some of the toughest hikes of the tour are found.

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After the Rockies, the route continues through Alberta into flatter terrain. Grasslands in the valleys of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba offer a change from the beginning stages of climbing. Here you will find the longest daily segments, but in a less demanding area. After crossing the Red River, participants reach the Canadian Shield, which has ancient rocks in its reef; Now the difference in height is noticeable again.

then it goes along the north coast
Canada’s Great Lakes, mostly on quiet country roads, although the lakes can provide some cooling on hot days. The next destination is the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in the capital, Ottawa.

Now the path to the Atlantic Ocean is not too far away; Following several rivers, participants pass through the beautiful cities of Old Montreal and Quebec City. The tour continues on what is now the Gaspé Peninsula, then across the bridge to Nova Scotia where a boat takes cyclists to Newfoundland – where the tour ends in St.

tour do canada makes high demands
To date, only a thousand participants have completed the entire route. The most difficult day is to traverse an altitude of more than 1500 meters; One is also at the mercy of the ever-changing weather. Luggage, tents and groceries are carried in a transport vehicle throughout the tour.

There are two barriers to participation: a fairly high entry fee of about 6,600 Canadian dollars (about 4,700 euros), which includes a complete package with food, accommodation, a guide and other costs, such as for the pier. And participants from other countries require a visa to Canada before starting the tour. european can ETA for Canada usage, which can be easily applied for online.

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