“Summit of the Quiz Giants”: Jauch knocks out WWM winners

"Summit of the Quiz Giants": Jauch knocks out WWM winners

“Summit of Quiz Giants”
Jauch knocks out WWM winners

by Nina Jerzy

Palina Rosinski says: “Summit of the Quiz Giants” is tougher than WWM. Günther Jauch makes brief work of ex-winner Jan Stroh between Goethe and Vanderhoor – but fails on the national goalkeeper and “maximizer”.

Palina Rosinski couldn’t resist a little malice. “‘who wants to be a Millionaire?’ Obviously a little easier than ‘Die Quizigenten.’ The lawyer became a millionaire in 2019 with Gunther Jauch. At the “Summit of Quiz Giants” on Monday evening, however, Jouch, 38, failed over a trio of Johannes B. Kerner and Guido Cantz. Jauch also followed suit. While shooting at the target, however, the former “current sports studio” moderator became vulnerable.

Stroh eagerly went into the competition against the Quiz Masters, who competed together against the Rate Show champions. “It is a great honor to be here now,” said the Hamburg man. But he soon fell behind. In seven questions from the same number of subjects, Stroh and three other candidates from the evening had to compete with a trio. The moderators were allowed to discuss with each other, being offered four answers, while the opponent, acoustically shielded under headphones, had to come to the correct conclusion as expected. When asked about the recently approved food intake in the EU in 2021, Stroh did not mistakenly estimate the migratory locust. “They were there before,” suggested the lawyer. “No,” Kentz corrected. “‘Die Vanderhoor’ – Used to be there. On Saturday. 1. A well worth watching production.”

Jauch defeated the WWM Champion

Already with question number six it was clear: the WWM champion had missed out on entering the “Summon of Quiz Giants”. Rosinski wanted to know with what words the first verse of the ballad “Erlkönig” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ends. It was clear to Jauch: “He’ll get her safe, he’ll keep her warm.” However, Stroh logged in the wrong option. “I wasn’t sure where the first verse ended,” she tried to justify herself. “Well: there”, Jauch referred dryly to his correct answer.

At least financially, Stroh didn’t have to worry much. Profit Comparison to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” was done from Within range. Jackpots started at 50,000 Euros. In more or less sporty interludes between the rounds of candidates, the moderators were able to raise the sum of up to 15,000 euros each. He competed against German dart player Max Hope aka “Maximiser” or beat national goalkeeper Almuth Schultz on penalties. “I’m not the first one to shoot,” said Jauch immediately and came to the worst with just one hit in five attempts.

Jauch is defeated in “Quiz Giants”

The studio audience expected the same. Before sporting events, it voted on how the moderators would perform. If the spectators were right about the winner, there was an additional 15,000 euros for the jackpot. His favorite was the last, with only 500 euros to spare. This example also shows that some aspects of the new show were unnecessarily complicated. Even professionals like Jauch, Kerner and Kentz sometimes get into a tailspin.

Anyhow, “Peak of Quiz Giants” is “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” level, despite high demands in the title. At the end of the first episode only 85,500 euros were in the jackpot. The two quiz champions Dorothy Jensen (52) and Thomas Kinney (60) played side-by-side in the final after the “RTL Direct” break. Unlike Bayreuth’s Stroh and Annette Biller (55), they were able to defeat a trio of arbiters in the preliminary round.

Notably, Kinney, who had already represented Germany in the US “Jopardy” in 1996, corrected the candidates’ victory out of a maximum of 20 questions in the tempo buzzer final round. Nauheim’s translator in Hesse knew, among other things, that “Wellenbrecher” had been chosen as the word of the year 2021 and that the exclamation mark was above “1” on German PC keyboards. In the confetti rain, he and his allies were overjoyed with the victory. It was only at the end that Rosinski made it clear, at least to the home audience, that the candidates had to share the victory. In this regard, Stroh’s departure also had a positive side. And luckily, the former Jauch champion doesn’t really need the money. “There’s still some left,” the lawyer said of his WWM advantage.

“Summit of the Quiz Giants” continues next Monday with another three-hour edition. Then check out “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” returns with. back to the original slot.

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