EM soccer players love their song! Rednecks: If you win, then… | Entertainment

EM soccer players love their song!  Rednecks: If you win, then... |  Entertainment

Our EM football players love his song! ,

Rednecks Promise: “If you take the title, then…”

Do you have this catchy tune on your mind now after almost 30 years?

On Sunday, our German women’s football team will fight for the Euro title at the Wembley Cracker Finals. Some of it is also a part of Sweden.

Because: If Germany wins, and he will now play “Cotton Eye Joe” from Rednecks, in five games!

The music of the title Fights Loop!

Rednecks Band Members

Photo: alliance / dpa / dpa-gentralbuild photo

The old people still remember when a single from the wild Swedish band Rednecks drove everyone crazy in Europe for the first time in 1994: fast beats, fiddle music, as well as the cover country title in the dance version. As a reminder: most German players weren’t even born at that time!

And now again: line dancing steps, wild jumping. Good mood with dance overdose! Rednecks (derived from the derogatory American Southern word “redneck” for “redneck”) have retaken party territory.

The German women's football team celebrates their last win

The German women’s football team celebrates their last win on July 27 in Milton Keynes, UK

Photo: Sebastian Golno / DPA

After “Cotton Eye Joe”, the band had more hits in the 90s, including several top ten hits (including “Wish You Where Here”), and were awarded dozens of gold records. To date, Rednecks is touring around the world. And that in ever-changing castes.

In Rednecks, the band is the star. Like a good football team. Annika Ljungberg (53, “Mary Jo”) was the band’s best-known face as a blonde woman when they had their first major breakthrough in the ’90s. After many entries and exits he is not currently there.

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Band manager “Bones” tells BILD of Sweden’s “crazy family”: “We were recently in Japan and Brazil. Rednecks is more theater than a band.”

Further on: “We’re currently playing with nine members who can switch to their different roles. We have great singers and musicians. Each show is unique. We play about 60 gigs a year. We have YouTube. But there are several million hits in a month.”

The current singers are called Pickles and Zoe and serve up the party singing of the wild troupe with a strong voice.

Rednex 2018 in Berlin

Rednex 2018 in Berlin

Photo: Picture Alliance / geisler-photopress

Because Germany is now dancing to the “Cotton Eye Joe” with players from the national team, the Rednecks boss promises:

“We’re happy that the team in the dressing room is really going behind our hits. I talked to our musicians and I can promise: If you win the trophy on Sunday, we’ll go to Germany for a special concert And will celebrate winning the European Championship with the team and the fans.”

Maybe the dance classic will top the German charts again after 28 years…

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