Sweden’s Oscars: Terrible Doubts

Sweden's Oscars: Terrible Doubts

no sign of oscar

Victoria’s Honor Day celebrations took place at Soliden Castle. It goes without saying that this also meant that the entire royal family was available for photographs in the palace courtyard. While King Carl Gustaf, Queen Sylvia and Prince Daniel, Victoria and Estelle waving happily at the camera, Oscar himself seemed once again in order not very comfortable,

The little prince makes an appearance in the official family photo Very upset And while his parents have a friendly hand raised in greeting, Oscar is a bit shy and wavers with his full arm instead of just his hand. but it is Royal family’s tough decisionwhich raises questions.

Because that day the farm is number two of the number of pictures posted on Instagram Victoria laughing with her family To see – indeed. But when Estelle, Danielle and Victoria smile happily for the camera, Oscar is completely missing in this picture, coincidence – or a court decisionBecause Oscar didn’t look happy enough in the photos and didn’t want to fit into the image of the royal family the royal family wanted to give that day?

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