Taliban before capturing Kabul: US embassy evacuation begins

Taliban before capturing Kabul: US embassy evacuation begins

Status: 08/15/2021 3:01 PM.

The US has begun evacuating staff at its embassy in Kabul – with only a handful of staff said to be staying at the diplomatic facility at the airport. Local Afghan workers are also to be brought out of the country.

According to media reports, the US has started evacuating the US Embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The CNN station, citing an unnamed US government official, reported that the process was “in full swing” and should be completed by Tuesday morning.

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CNN previously reported that helicopters were transporting employees from the embassy to the airport. The “New York Times” also reported that the United States had begun bringing diplomatic and civilian staff out of Kabul.

According to the plan, embassy staff should be brought to security first, followed by US citizens and then holders of special immigrant visas for the United States, writes CNN.

It is being investigated whether people who are currently in the process of applying for their visas can also be taken out of the country, as can Afghan nationals working at the US embassy.

Some embassy staff remain in Kabul for the time being. The “New York Times” quoted a high-ranking official as saying he would be taken to a diplomatic facility at the airport. They should stay there indefinitely. According to CNN, the embassy building has to be completely evacuated.

The Bundeswehr wants to start evacuating German civilians and Afghan local workers from Kabul from Monday.

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