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Boulder Dash Deluxe

In the early eighties, 8-bit home computers appeared for Atari boulder dash Feather puzzle game, which became a huge sales success in a very short time and has received some porting till date. The object of the game is to move stones from inside a cave to collect a certain number of diamonds and then get out.

Of course, the same game principle is followed that announced new version boulder dash deluxeon whom 9. September For Nintendo switch, Xbox One, as well as appears for PC and Mac, and even the Atari VCS. The PlayStation 4 version has been slightly delayed and is still in development. The current owner of the rights to the brand name Boulder Dash, BBG Entertainment GmbHResponsible for development and publication.

a trailer From the puzzle game you can see below:

Boulder Dash Deluxe summarizes well-known game theory in a modern graphic framework and expands it to include new opponents, the possibility to customize your character and much more. Of course, there are other elements as well such as treasure chests, collectibles and power-ups. You have to be especially careful when crossing 180 levels Of course, even on falling rocks. Also there are modernized levels 20 From Classic Boulder Dash Edition Incorporated since 1984. Peter July, the creator of the original Boulder Dash, also called the game “july world“connects. It’s 20 Challenging Levelswho have never been before.

do you want that original boulder dash Try this, then you can do it directly in your browser Official website for the game. There you can learn more about it game history.

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Have you played one of the Boulder Dash ports in recent years, or is this the first time you’ve heard of a puzzle game?

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