Tel Aviv collects DNA samples in fight against dog feces

Tel Aviv collects DNA samples in fight against dog feces

Updated on 13 July 2021 at 11:57 am.

  • The city of Tel Aviv has considered a special measure to reduce dog poaching on the streets.
  • In the future, dog owners will be required to submit DNA samples of their animals.
  • Inspectors should be able to compare the collected dog excrement to a DNA database and find the owner.

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Dog owners in the Israeli coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv will have to submit DNA samples from their four-legged friends in the future. The city administration’s new ordinance aims to address the problem of dog feces on the streets, a spokesman announced on Tuesday.

In the future, when new dogs are registered or when a dog ID card is renewed every year, the DNA material is collected and stored in a municipal database. “City inspectors will take samples of the dog’s feces and compare them to DNA memory,” the spokesman said. The owner would then both have to pay a fine and bear the cost of the genetic sample.

The exact amount of the penalty has not yet been determined in the context of the approval of the regulation by the Ministry of the Interior. If the dog poaching polluter is caught “in the act”, it currently costs the equivalent of only 190 euros.

Tel Aviv It is one of the cities with the most dogs in the world in terms of number of residents. The Mediterranean city has more than 40,000 homes with dogs. Every eleventh resident is a dog owner. “About 500 kg of dog feces in a month is not collected by the owners in public areas,” the statement said.

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This is not the first project of its kind; the city of Petach Tikva near Tel Aviv launched a similar initiative in 2008. The Spanish city of Málaga is already taking on “genetic paw prints” to tackle hemorrhoids. (dpa/ari)

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