Forza Horizon 5: Next-Gen Ray Tracing Audio Changes Everything

Forza Horizon 5: Next-Gen Ray Tracing Audio Changes Everything

Playground Games reveals that Forza Horizon 5 will have next-gen ray-traced audio.

as we do today Reported Playground Games announced a slew of details regarding engine sound audio enhancements and more.

But the information goes a step further and so the developers state that Forza Horizon 5 will use next-gen ray tracing audio with 90FPS.

Now some are probably wondering how audio can shine and shine, but ray tracing doesn’t mean that everything in graphics starts to glow, it means that light sources “bounce” off objects in the environment and are reflected on the wider environment and continue to erupt.

The same goes for next-gen ray tracing audio. Sound is “radiated” into the world by vehicles and bouncing off the environment, and in some situations this leads to new sound effects.

A classic example is driving through a tunnel. But even a wild ride through a mountain range can affect the sound of the engine in Forza Horizon 5. The audio sound also changes when overtaking or drifting over asphalt and sand. The possibilities seem limitless and the playing field wants to start from here.

In addition, the developers of Forza Horizon 5 have captured different sounds for the respective perspective, which should be especially noticeable in the cockpit perspective. Players should be able to tell by the sound of the vehicle and the tires whether they’ve taken the curve well.

Playground Games has confirmed that the sound will sound even better on the Xbox Series X/S, as a much better compression method can be used here. This “high fidelity audio”, i.e. high fidelity audio, is used across the entire audio spectrum, not just vehicle noise, i.e. for all audio tracks and music.

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