WhatsApp update significantly limits functionality in group chats

WhatsApp update significantly limits functionality in group chats

Messenger service wants to take action against fake news. Some users expect major changes.

Dortmund – The possibility of forwarding messages on WhatsApp should be severely restricted. This measure makes it more difficult for users to spread fake news. An update to the Messenger service should be rolling out soon – at least for some users, such as RUHR24* Reported.

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Group chats on WhatsApp: App update stops fake news from spreading

according to information Watson.D Only Android users will be affected by the change. It’s even faster for them, because the change for group chat should already be included in the next Android version. If you want to use the forwarding function the notification is already visible in the app.

As per the innovation, forwarded messages can be shared without any detours with just a group chat. The reason for the new and stronger restrictions on WhatsApp is not yet clear. What is certain, however, is that a lot will change – especially the dynamics of group chats. but one more Popular feature has been edited and will not be free soon,

WhatsApp group chats: How to stop users from forwarding messages

Currently, messages in the app can still be forwarded without any problems and without a limited number of calls. Users just have to select the message and then can send it to any chat and group. However, that is about to change (More.) digital* – News on RUHR24).

Because of the innovation, consumers should only be able to share a forward message with a group chat. As soon as a message is to be sent to another group chat, it has to be clicked again and forwarded. The process is much more laborious than before for affected users. Also, they should be careful about what they send, as some of the content is restricted and will be fined*.

Groups on WhatsApp: Ban on forwarding in the past

WhatsApp has already banned. In the case of forwarded messages, the messenger service distinguishes between “forwarded” and “frequently forwarded”. The latter indicates that a message is not necessarily from a close friend. Frequently forwarded messages can be identified by a double arrow.

These messages should only be forwarded to chat. “In our opinion, it is important to slow the spread of such messages so that WhatsApp remains a place for personal conversations,” it said at the time. The reason for the ban is said to be the spread of misinformation. Even the police warn of some messages, which are mainly sent to parentsAs hna.de* knows.

WhatsApp Group Chat Gets Updated: Is the Feature Gaining Popularity Now?

it must be loud because of the restrictions Watson.D There are already voices who believe that another ceremony may soon gain popularity. These are messages broadcast on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp restricts popular function.

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