These functions are introduced by two new amiibo figures • JPGAMES.DE

These functions are introduced by two new amiibo figures • JPGAMES.DE

On the occasion of the release of Metroid Dread, as is often the case, there will also be two new amiibo figures. In addition to a new Samus figure, this time adorned with his Metroid dread suit, there’s also an amiibo figure from EMMI

Nintendo has now clarified which amiibo offers in-game work when you scan them. At least since Amoeba “Cloud Bird and Zelda” (Still sold out, by the way) Fans might take a closer look.

However, there will be no ruckus about the actions of Samus and EMMI. If you scan Samus Amiibo, you can get an energy tank that fills your energy with 100. The figure can be scanned twice a day.

With the help of the EMMI-Amibo, Samus receives a missile + container, which increases the capability to 10 missiles. Some missiles are refilled during the second scan of the day.

Metroid Dread is Samus Aran’s first 2D adventure in 19 years. In terms of content, Metroid Dread follows on from the events of Metroid Fusion (GBA, 2002). This concludes the five-part saga about Samus and the Metroids, which debuted on the NES. how many attempts did the game take And now who is allowed to develop it, you can find out here.

Construction Materials: Metroid Dread, Nintendo

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