Texas state: 46 dead migrants found in truck

Thus: 06/28/2022 5:21 PM

46 dead migrants have been found in a truck in the US state of Texas. At least two others later died in hospital. The White House spoke of the report as “absolutely appalling and heartbreaking”.

46 dead migrants have been found in a truck in the US state of Texas. Two others later died in hospital, according to the Baptist Health System hospital group in downtown San Antonio. 16 survivors were taken to hospitals, twelve adults and four children.

“The patients we saw were too hot to touch, they were suffering from heat stroke,” San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said. There was no water in the trailer. It was actually a refrigerated truck; However, there was no cooling system running. The temperature in San Antonio was around 40 degrees on Monday.

Authorities announced three arrests. “We don’t know whether they are really involved,” Police Chief McManus said. The investigation was handed over to the federal authorities. Mayor Ron Nirenberg spoke of a “terrible human tragedy”.

Many Mexicans apparently among the victims

According to preliminary information received from the authorities, the victims are women and men, teenagers and young adults. Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador spoke of a “tragedy” and said at least 22 Mexicans were among the dead. According to him, a total of 50 migrants were killed, including seven from Guatemala and two from Honduras. The nationality of the other victims is still unclear.

Illegal border crossings are on the rise

The truck was found near the I-35 highway, which leads to the border with Mexico. A city employee had heard a cries for help from the vehicle on a distant road and became aware of it.

Migrants hiding in trucks are repeatedly smuggled into the United States from Mexico. It is about 250 kilometers from San Antonio to the Mexican border.

For months, there has been an increasing number of people trying to cross the United States border from Mexico – even without valid papers. Smugglers and human traffickers promise to help them deliver fatal results.

“Absolutely terrifying and heartbreaking”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters in Air Force One that President Joe Biden is closely following San Antonio’s “absolutely appalling and heartbreaking report.” On behalf of the White House, he thanked the first responders.

The arch-conservative Texas Governor Greg Abbott blamed Biden’s migration policy. “These deaths are Biden’s fault,” Abbott said on Twitter. They are “the result of their deadly open border policy,” Abbott said. There are “deadly consequences” if the law is not enforced.

Opposition Republicans accused Biden of being too lax in migration policy and in securing the southern border. He also wants to use the theme in his campaign for the Congress mid-term election in November.

With information from Torsten Teichmann, ARD-Studio Washington

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