The amazing acoustics of Stonehenge / Boing Boing

The amazing acoustics of Stonehenge / Boing Boing

The acoustics at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England’s magical megalithic framework, were being phenomenal, in accordance to new archaeological study. According to exploration from the University of Salford’s Acoustic Analysis Centre, the placement of the stones in the circle not only by natural means amplified voices and audio performed there, but the audio would not have projected out significantly exterior the monument. From Science News:

To investigate Stonehenge’s audio dynamics, acoustical engineer Trevor Cox and colleagues utilised laser scans of the website and archaeological proof to construct a bodily design a person-twelfth the dimensions of the real monument. That was the largest achievable scale replica that could suit inside of an acoustic chamber at the University of Salford in England, where Cox is effective. This place simulated the acoustic effects of the open landscape encompassing Stonehenge and compacted floor within the monument[…]

Stonehenge Lego, as Cox dubbed the design, was assembled assuming that Stonehenge’s outer circle of standing sarsen stones — a style of silcrete rock identified in southern England — experienced initially consisted of 30 stones. Stonehenge right now consists of 63 complete stones, together with five standing sarsen stones and 12 other stones in fragments. Dependent on an believed total of 157 stones positioned at the web site about 4,200 yrs ago, the scientists 3-D printed 27 stones of all sizes and shapes. Then, the workforce applied silicone molds of people objects and plaster mixed with other elements to re-create the remaining 130 stones. Simulated stones were built to minimize sound absorption, considerably like precise stones at Stonehenge, Cox says.

impression: Acoustics Study Centre/College of Salford

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