The “Bauer such Frau” candidates hardly recognize Hans when they first meet.

Hans to his two fans
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Of: Julia Hanigko

Hans, a candidate for “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale”, presented his introduction video six months earlier. He invited two applicants to his farm in Canada – but in the meantime he has lost a lot of weight. Is it well received?

Canada – On his farm in Canada, farmer Hans (63) also has donkeys, horses, alpaca, llamas, dogs and goats. Romantic aims to own two of each species. Feather “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale” (all news about the dome show) He is now in search of his mate for life and therefore invites the two women to his homeland. But in the introduction video and today’s era, swans have changed a lot.

tv show Farmer looking for Miss International
Channel RTL
occupation inca bow
first broadcast March 3, 2019

“Know me only by pictures”: Hans lost a lot of weight within half a year

“Hans has lost a lot of weight since she was called and is excited to see how her new look will be achieved,” says presenter Inca Bous (53). In any case, the native Swabian is excited about how her appearance will be achieved, as she still had a few pounds on her ribs in her application video.

“Women only know me from pictures from six months ago. So I hope that they will recognize me and that they will like me even more,” said Hans already. “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale” (all candidates)

Hans greeted two of his fans at “Bauer Such Frau Internationale”. © Screenshots RTL/RTL+/Bauer like Frau International

“Half and 20 years younger”: the candidate “Bauer such Frau” hardly recognizes Hans at the first meeting

His chosen ladies Danielle (52) and Nina (54) notice the difference as they greet him and are thrilled. Danielle described her first impression: “Today when I saw Hans, the first thing I thought was: Wow, obvious, hardly recognizable. Hans is at least half grown and looks 20 years younger. I love him, he looks great.”

And Nina is also blown away: “But you’ve lost a lot, wow!” She giggles as she hugs her fan to say hello. The candidate “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale” gave both of them a red rose. He seems to make rounds all over: “I definitely find cowboys sexy. It reminded me of Henry Fonda… a bit of Hollywood in Canada. Now I used to like him live better than video,” enthuses Nina.

“Bauer Sucht Frau International”: Nina and Danielle fly to Canada to find the man of their potential dreams

Whatever the case, Berlin’s Nina is excited to see how things continue with her and Hans. “I hope we find each other so well that it ends in love,” she explains.

And rider Danielle is also excited about her upcoming time at Hofwoche. “I’ve never been to the ends of the earth for a man. It tingles and hums and can eventually begin,” she says.

Court Ladies Record in “Farmer Seeks a Woman”: Justin takes five women to his farm

Meanwhile, “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale” candidate Justin made a name for himself with a new record. A farmer from Alsace, France, invited five women to his agriculture week. Sources Used: rtld; RTL/RTL+/Bauer as Frau International/Season 4, Episode 3

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