The Freedom Phone is just a cheap cell phone from China

The Freedom Phone is just a cheap cell phone from China

This has to be the perfect smartphone for the supporters of former President Trump. As it turns out now, the so-called Freedom Phone is an extremely cheap cell phone that is still manufactured in China.

Freedom Phones: Cheap Cell Phones Come From China

with him Freedom Phone Trump supporter and entrepreneur Eric Finman unveiled an alleged “special” smartphone apparently intended for the most patriotic of all Americans. As it turns out, however, the cell phone is not manufactured with components declared “particularly safe” in Hong Kong, but comes from China.

It’s not even an internal development, because smartphones Umidigi A9 Pro turned out. Meanwhile, Finman has also confirmed that Umidigi is the real creator. The cell phone is available in Chinese online shops for the equivalent of US$120. Trump fans, on the other hand, will be offered the smartphone for $500 in advance.

Finman promises as a unique selling point “Uncensored” App Store, in which, among other things, Right Wing Extremist QAnon Users Popular App Parler is to be found. In addition, all apps from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store must be available. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the “PatriApp Store” is just the Aurora Store, covered with a new skin (source: The Daily Beast)

You can find out which cheap smartphones are really useful here Video:

Freedom phone without freedom

Apart from the name, the mobile phone does not give more or less freedom than other smartphones. operator has Doesn’t Affect Aurora Stores And so can’t decide for myself which apps are available there and which aren’t. The “FreedomOS” operating system is also not an in-house development, but an open source variant of Android believed to be based on Lineage OS and GraphenOS.

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