the last of us part 3

the last of us part 3

After the release of the Part 1 remake, Naughty Dog should focus on The Last of Us Part 3 (besides Facts 2).

last of us PlayStation is the developer’s biggest franchise naughty Dog produced. The TV series adaptation with the famous series actors will debut on Sky Atlantic in Germany early next month. interest in the post-apocalyptic world brings us the last of us part 3 According to a recent report, perhaps faster than expected.

The Last of Us Part 2 was released in early 2020 for the Sony PlayStation 4. Actually not too long ago. Next year we’ll probably get a multiplayer game from the franchise (fact 2, There have been rumors for a while about what game Naughty Dog will develop next. It was also hinted that this is not a new Uncharted, but an entirely new “fantasy” game brand.

title PS3 release ps4 release ps5 release
the last of us part 1 14.6.2013 7/30/2014 (PAL) 9/2/2022 (Remake)
the last of us part 2 , 19.6.2020 ,
the last of us part 3 , , TBA

The Last of Us multiplayer will probably release in 2023

Insider “viewerone” clarifies to a commenter that Naughty Dog will not have a next video game the last of us part 3 There will be, but multiplayer that has been in development for years. Indeed, according to unconfirmed rumors, it should appear not separately, but together the last of us part 2, The third part of the popular legend game is coming after the multiplayer title. whether it is one of the many Live Service Game from PlayStation Will act, for which Bungie has put an extra paw, it is still unclear, but very likely.

Where is the report from? The message is from Twitter user “ViewerAnon” who had leaked it earlier Ashley Johnson Ellie’s mother will play in the HBO series. Earlier, Naughty Dog Insider predicted the existence of Crash Bandicoot 4. So the track record is impressive.

As with all rumors of this nature, some caution should be exercised. However, ViewerAnon has a good track record with Naughty Dog. Very good too. If you think about the typical development timeline of the past few years, a third part of The Last of Us may only be in pre-production. Real growth will probably only start when new factions are released. At the very least, over Naughty Dog it would be commendable if it ran faster.

the last of us part 3 Supposedly PlayStation 5 (PS5 – or/and PS6) in development.

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