The Queen’s Memorial Process: The Next Step for Charles III

The Queen's Memorial Process: The Next Step for Charles III


Status: 09/09/2022 1:25 PM

The days ahead in Great Britain will be marked by the mourning of the Queen and the inauguration of the new King Charles III. Stand. The main attraction will probably be the state funeral in ten days. An overview.


New King Charles III. And his wife Camilla is returning to London from Castle Balmoral in Scotland. There he will meet for the first time in the afternoon with new Prime Minister Liz Truss, who on Tuesday only appointed the Queen to form the government. All parliamentary business has been adjourned for ten days.

Charles is expected to address the nation on television in the evening. His speech is pre-recorded. This will be followed by a memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, which will also be attended by the Prime Minister and his cabinet.


The Council of Accession meets to honor King Charles III. To be announced as the new emperor. The announcement is made by the Senior Herald, Garter King of Arms. Then half a dozen travel by car to Trafalgar Square and then to Bourse to read the Herald message. The date of the coronation has not yet been determined.

Truss and his cabinet will meet with Charles. Parliament takes an oath of allegiance to the new monarch and offers its condolences.


The Queen’s body was first moved from Balmoral Castle to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland’s royal residence. They are also to be placed in Edinburgh.


There will be a procession to St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh and then a service with members of the royal family. Citizens may also be able to say goodbye to the queen in the coffin.

In London, both chambers of Parliament converge for a funeral service.

Charles then embarks on a funeral journey throughout the United Kingdom, starting in Scotland. He will accept condolence messages at the Scottish Parliament and attend a service at St Giles’ Cathedral in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.


The Queen’s coffin is being moved to London and will initially remain at Buckingham Palace.


The Queen’s coffin is carried from Buckingham Palace on its way to London to the Houses of Parliament. There it should remain open to the public for four days. Millions of people are expected to come to London from now on.

Monday (September 19)

A state funeral is expected to take place on this day at Westminster Abbey. Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm the exact date. There will be a two-minute silence in the afternoon on the day of the funeral, processions will be taken out in London and Windsor across the country. The Queen was born in King George VI’s Windsor Castle. The Memorial Chapel is buried next to his father.

After the funeral, there will be a seven-day mourning period for the royal family.

The queen’s portrait is hung with a black ribbon in all town halls for a month before replacing it with the new king’s portrait.

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