These 4 zodiac signs are especially emotionally intelligent

These 4 zodiac signs are especially emotionally intelligent

“Emotional intelligence” is a term coined in 1990 by John D. Meyer (University of New Hampshire) and Peter Salovey (Yale University). Emotionally intelligent people have a particularly strong ability to accurately perceive, understand, and influence their own and the feelings of others. So you are very sympathetic. In addition to technical ability “IQ”, emotional intelligence “EQ” is also decisive in whether we progress in our jobs. We reveal which zodiac signs have the highest EQ!

These 4 zodiac signs are especially emotionally intelligent


Does something go wrong? As the saying goes, Gemini doesn’t turn his heart into a murderer’s lair. Instead of digging into things, the zodiac seeks explanation to clear up any misunderstandings or issues, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. It is not enough for him to run away from problems and be guided by negative emotions.

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The Zodiac sign is known for having a big ego and being the top dog. But this does not conflict with emotional intelligence, as it is very caring at the same time. Leo loves to be the host and wants everyone to feel comfortable around him. Nothing is too expensive for him. So it speaks of a high EQ when one cares too much about the well being of others.


Zodiac goes through the wall with its famous head and is reluctant to settle. But he only cares about the people to whom he has given his heart. With a Taurus you have a partner or friend for a lifetime who takes great care of the well being of others and often puts himself and his emotions on the back burner.

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This zodiac is also one of the emotionally intelligent zodiac signs, as it is particularly concerned with harmony. It is important for the fish that everyone gets along and that the mood is good too – after all, you should feel good. Wherever there is discord, the zodiac tries to mediate and restore peace.

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