These are the most creative spots of 2020

These are the most creative spots of 2020

Bosch and agency C3 Creative Code and great success for content from Stuttgart Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards. Behind the winning spot Make everyone happy Heineken becomes spot for Bosch measuring device Ateneo Selected as the second most creative of 2020. Eight of the 20 most effective places coming from the United States, France and Canada have been featured twice on the Best List. Unlike other awards, the winners of the Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards are not selected by a jury, but with the help of the in-house pre-testing tool “Link”. With “Link”, the effectiveness of advertising content can be determined based on the criteria of “short-term sales prospect” and “power”, the former evaluates the short-term impact and the latter evaluates the long-term impact of a “commercial”. .The appraisal itself is exclusively by consumers who have evaluated the advertisement.

What makes an effective place

From the analysis of advertisements, Kantar determined five characteristics that make a particularly effective commercial. In addition to uniqueness and close brand context, it includes a certain uniqueness, the creation of an emotional engagement with the brand and the involvement of consumers during the creative process. Daren Poley, Kenters Global Head of Creative: “The best ads of 2020 come from many different product categories and industries. As our study shows, Spots uses many different creative strategies. However, all Despite the differences, they too have something in common.: A clear focus on creative talent and goals. ”

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