GZSZ: About to change Leon’s character!

GZSZ: About to change Leon's character!

What’s the matter with leon? An otherwise very masonry masonry chef suddenly transforms completely into a character.

Berlin – What’s the matter with leon? An otherwise very masonry masonry chef suddenly transforms completely into the character and overwhelms his friends tremendously.

Leon suddenly behaves very strangely, even making fun of Sunny’s outfits. © TVNOW / Rolf Baumgartner

GZSZ fans were appalled about Leon’s behavior soon after Nina returned from Canada.

“So how’s it going? Another little f *** in front of the flick?”, She surprised her cutie with a clommy turn. “I want you now, you’re so hot!”

And on Thursday evenings, Leon is negatively noticeable with some lewd statements.

For example, he lets his best friend John go, when he asks for her immediate favor: “No, not in the mood.”

When Sunny joins them after a while, Leon peeks into her outfit. “This is my feelgood jacket!”, The blonde tells him when he asks. “Then I don’t even want to see the fillbread jacket. Don’t say that you spent money on it?”

While Nina and her friends are initially smiling at her behavior in jealousy, Felix doesn’t enjoy it at all when Leon – who is watching an exciting boxing match on TV with John – “Are you really, okay?” Receives in his own apartment. Without further ado, the businessman not only puts the bullying Leon, but also his friend John in front of the door. Insight and remorse with Leon? Nothing.

Nina is also irritated by her boyfriend's behavior.

Nina is also irritated by her boyfriend’s behavior. © TVNOW / Rolf Baumgartner

Got it right now GZSZ Dear? Daily’s preview already provides answers. Warning, spoilers!

During a dispute between John and Philip, Leon tried to mediate, but fell badly and suffered a head injury. Apart from a minor pact, Rassoya also probably suffered a hematoma – a scratch. Fortunately, it does not have to operate, but it will take some time until it is completely resolved.

This is why Leon’s relentless ruthless manner will make friends, family and GZSZ fans stay longer.

You will know what it looks like in the next few weeks “good times Bad Times“(Mon. to Fri. at 7.40 p.m. Rtl And anytime Tvnow) Belongs to.

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