Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Lillibet’s golden spoon

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Lillibet's golden spoon

one of the biggest concerns Prince Harry (37) is that their children were born in a world that could soon become uninhabitable in part due to climate change. With Archwell Foundation he sits down Meghan (40) Strives for the protection of the environment and for climate-neutral living. So much for theory – because his private jet trip to London for Jubilee alone caused 120 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, about 60 times the amount caused by a human each year. On the one hand, Meghan and Harry want Archie (3 more lilibet (1) Educating people to be constantly responsible, on the other hand, they do not set an example for their children. Lilibet was literally born with a golden spoon in her mouth, but one day her parents want her to become a campaigner for social justice. An almost insurmountable challenge that could break him.

Little Lilibet was finally able to meet her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. In the video above, elite expert Victoria Howard explains why family matters so much to the royals.

Prince Harry: In polo, Harry is sponsored by a company owned by American billionaire Rick Caruso

The ducal couple has become accustomed to the casual lifestyle of the super-rich in Montecito’s California billionaire enclave. With their charity, they promote sustainability and equality. Privates, on the other hand, use two tax-saving models, depriving the state of significant income for social benefits, and letting themselves drive in luxury cars. In Polo, Harry is sponsored by a company owned by American billionaire Rick Caruso (63), who is said to have tried to cover up an abuse scandal at USC Elite University in Los Angeles. That’s why Meghan and Harry set different standards for their new friends than members of the Royal Family, who have publicly criticized them heavily.

Duchess Kate and Prince William: They didn’t attend Lillibet’s first birthday party with George, Charlotte and Louis

As a result, Lilibet, who is eighth in line to the throne, would likely be older without her royal cousins. cat (40) and William (39) came with me George (8th), chalat (7), and louis (4), not to her first birthday party at Frogmore House. you should do Haven’t met my niece yet, So it’s unlikely they will come anytime soon.

As playmates, Lillibet has Meghan’s girlfriend, the daughters of TV producer Silver Tree (45) and her favorite London photographer and civil rights activist Misson Harriman (44). Who took the pictures of Minnie Lily’s birthday, Harriman is the heir to a Nigerian oil magnate and, like the Sussexes, lives lavishly in a permanent microcosm. Ducal Duet only serves regional and if possible vegetarian products. In the garden of the Sussex villa there is a chicken coop for fresh organic eggs. Harry and Meghan grow vegetables in a bed. Since the region is currently in the grip of a drought of the century due to climate change, its sprawling garden can only be watered less. With Montecito warmer than it has been in more than 30 years this spring and record summer temperatures expected, Sussex families may move to England to escape the heat. eugenie (32), whom Frogmore had rented from his cousin Harry, found a second home in Portugal so that Lilibet could soon play on the royal estate’s lush lawns as she did on her birthday.

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