These are the 4 big bag trends in the new year

These are the 4 big bag trends in the new year

When it comes to bags, you are really always spoiled for choice, as the selection of different colours, sizes or materials is simply huge. Therefore, it is good to know which bags are currently in fashion, so that you do not lose track in the bag jungle. One thing is clear: you never part with your loved ones, they sometimes remain faithful companions for life. But sometimes it can also be something new for our fashionista soul. That’s why we present the hottest bags for 2022!

Backpack Trend 1: XXL Backpack

We ladies just like to move things around: The giant shopper bag or tote bag was already a big trend last year—because for everything from laptops to cosmetics to shopping for half of the week, XXL bags will do the trick again this year. Will come with us Of course, the material and color should look stylish, as these are handbags that are “only” too large. Because of the size, muted colors are especially popular, such as chic. Leather XXL Shopper by Deichmann,

Bag Trend 2: Bright Colors

An XXL shopper in muted tones and a chic handbag in bright colors – this is how a dress turns out! Green and pink, last year’s trend colors, complement bright red and orange tones. sporty one Handbag “Latera Aurora” by Jupe! jeans Certainly the loot(L) fits into the plan.

Bag Trend 3: Mesh Bags

Once a shopping bag, today a must-have fashion: in 2022, mesh bags will be even more unusual and extravagant. And we must say these bags look just awesome. It still has a touch of the buyer prada-model From the current collection. Would you like some “pockets”? then that model would be The Net Folding Von Longchamp Maybe something for you.

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Taschen-Trend 4: Curve Bags

Surely you already have an idea in which direction this trend is going – exactly, so-called curve bags, ie “curvy bags” are characterized by their curves and a firm body. is a great example Swipe from Coperni, But one-way curves that set exciting accents are also popular. a piece of love Nanushka Von Noya,

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