Heidi Klum’s scathing criticism – ProSieben responds to fans’ complaints

Heidi Klum's scathing criticism - ProSieben responds to fans' complaints

Heidi Klum sorted out one of the audience’s top favorites on “GNTM” this week. Image: DPA / K Blake

In the current “GNTM” episode on ProSieben, one of the candidates had to say goodbye again. Now the decision of who to leave the 17th season was especially important this time, after all it was about entering the top 10 of this year. In the episode, the models had to be next Heidi Klum The shoot on a trampoline convinced strict photographer Yu Tsai, later fashion designer Peter Dundas was also there as a guest judge.

Especially during the shoot, it quickly became apparent how difficult the task must have been for the remaining candidates: past favorites like Noella struggled with the task, and Anita couldn’t do justice to the photographer. Yu Tsai scolded, “I can’t watch anymore. It’s embarrassing.” Candidate Vanessa, who probably got the harshest makeover from Heidi this year by cutting her hair to chin-length and dyeing it green, couldn’t even shine.

Nevertheless, for many viewers, precisely because of the new style, she was one of the top contenders for the top ten, if not for the “GNTM” win. But then when he took a wrong step during the decision walk, it suddenly ended for him and he had to leave. fan Can’t understand it at all and brag social media So much so that even the production had to join the discussion of his ouster.

Vanessa’s “GNTM” Dismissal Is Incomprehensible To Fans

In the end, it was decided between Anita, Noella and Vanessa. This wasn’t the first time that the former was a volatile candidate who had to shudder for her advancement in the casting show. The fact that Heidi still decided against Vanessa because she kept her designer dress on the run Official Instagram account of “GNTM” not good at: “Just inappropriate. Vanessa always delivered”One commenter is convinced, another user adds:

Anita was also pretty weak in the current episode in the eyes of viewers, but fans are also upset about Best Eager Liselot making the top 10: “And Liselot is next… Which doesn’t even mean it. Seriously!” , some commenters went on furious. “And worse things keep coming? Vanessa was a thousand times better than some of the others on every show and always worked so hard for everything. It’s really a shame for her and not fair.”There was another conclusion.

ProSieben takes a position upon exit from the show

Nearly 2,000 comments under the post revealed who was supposed to go within hours of the show. Apparently much outraged by Heidi’s decision for ProSieben. Meanwhile, two statements from the production can also be read in the comments, which are apparently meant to appease. It said earlier:

“Dear fans, Vanessa’s contestants were just going strong this week and therefore deserved a top 10 spot.”

The broadcaster further explained: “‘GNTM’ cards are shuffled week after week. Week after week, models have to explain top model Heidi Klum. Unfortunately, Vanessa didn’t succeed this week.”

Martina, Liselotte and Barbara are among the best edgers "GNTM",

Martina, Liselotte and Barbara are among the best edgers on “GNTM”.Image: ProSieben / Germany’s Next Top Fashion

Despite the statements, there is still a lack of understanding about Vanessa’s expulsion. But at least it is clear that it will not affect the course of the season ahead. As chief juror, Heidi Klum never left the decision of who would be dropped and who would become “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

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But it will be exciting at first and most importantly, how far will Liselotte, 66, get, who hasn’t really been able to convince Heidi to walk in for weeks. There was already outrage in the audience that she had moved on to replace Barbara, 68. Unlike Liselot, she made it to the show’s opening credits and even got a casting job.


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