Amira Pochar shows: The floods devastated her house so badly

Amira Pochar shows: The floods devastated her house so badly

how terrible was the flood amira (29) and oliver poachers (43) Home really worried? It was recently announced that TV celebrities will be in the new villa Pietro Lombardi (29) temporary shelter have got it. The flood disaster had caused so much damage that both of them had to leave their lovely home along with their children. However, so far the comedian has kept the extent of his property destruction private. But now Amira gives the first information about the devastating damage.

in your instagramStory Amira posted pictures of her destroyed villa in Cologne. In the pictures you can see how the water caused the plaster to fall off the walls and how the cables from the drying equipment are scattered all over the place. Where there may have been parquet or tiles in the past, now only a layer of concrete can be seen. Another photo shows that moisture has caused mold to build up and damaged cabinets. When a fan asked Amira in a Q&A session how broken she is, the podcaster sadly replied: “A lot!”

Also, Amira reveals why the family hasn’t picked up on their misfortune until now: “We had some reasons not to speak out loud about it, but not to ‘whine’ was probably the biggest reason.” The 29-year-old is devastated on social media that she still doesn’t know when the family might return to her home. Fortunately, while renovations are in progress, they can continue to live with Pietro, who is currently selfless in hotel Life.

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House of Poachers after the flood disaster, 2021
Detail of the Poachers’ Destroyed House, 2021


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