Kaulitz Twins Often Use Classmates’ Names as Camouflage

Kaulitz Twins Often Use Classmates' Names as Camouflage

You obviously move a lot in Incognito Mode! bill (32) and tom kaulitz (32) was with his band Tokio Hotel World famous even as a teenager – because of their high level of awareness It is nothing but easy for two musicians to lead a normal life. Over the years, the twins have come up with a few tricks to protect their privacy – One of them is to use other names.

In the latest episode of his podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood” Did he not only reveal that he was using fake names, but also give his inspiration. “Our nicknames belong to old classmates. We use it to check in at hotels, we use it to order pizza – we use it to order all kinds of things”, revealed bill, Apart from the current names of their former classmates, the two also use some other cover names. “Well, I have a completely fictional character. I sometimes use that online for orders or registrations,” revealed Tom, He often uses names with their original initials T and K.

bill It also revealed that he had used a certain name over the years. “Even though I used to live outside and hide and seek,” the 31-year-old recalled. He often uses a pseudonym not only in hotels or when checking in for orders: “Even when I drive an Uber, I often say Peter”The singer laughed. His twin brother didn’t seem to be a huge fan of the name, though – he doesn’t think it’s believable enough.

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