This is how you remove vignettes from windshields – without leaving any residue.

This is how you remove vignettes from windshields - without leaving any residue.

This way you can easily remove the vignette from the car

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06/19/2022 – Updated at 10:09 amReading time: 1 minute.

Windshield stickers: You can easily remove them with this trick. (Source: T-Online)
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The vignette is on the windshield on many holiday trips by car – and is difficult to remove afterward. But this easy trick helps to remove stickers from vehicle window.

Whether in Austria, the Czech Republic or Switzerland: in many neighboring countries it costs money to drive on an expressway. A vignette proves that you have already paid the fee. But if stickers are no longer needed after driving abroad, often a tedious change begins as stickers are difficult to remove. It can also be very simple – one trick removes the glue within seconds.

You can find out how to easily remove stickers from car windows here or in the video above.

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