Tick ​​bite: 5 year old cannot speak for 12 hours

Tick ​​bite: 5 year old cannot speak for 12 hours

When a girl was bitten by a tick, she suddenly became paralyzed. So his mother gives a vehement warning to the other parents.

Grenada – Summer invites you to be outside in the countryside and finally recharge your batteries with Vitamin D after a long winter. But it also poses dangers: insects or ticks lurking in the grass. In addition to insect bites by wasps and bees, which can trigger an allergic reaction, tick bites — known as “tick bites” — can also be dangerous. A mother from the US state of Mississippi once had to experience this. Her five-year-old daughter was acting suspicious and worried when she finally saw the criminal in over her head.

Tick ​​bite: 5 year old can’t speak for 12 minutes

A tick bite can cause paralysis in young children if the tick is not removed. (icon picture)

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Five-year-old Kailyn Kirk of Grenada woke up one morning and suddenly could not speak or walk. This was a huge blow to his mother, Jessica Griffin. She took to Facebook to describe the incident, explaining, “At first I thought her feet were asleep, until I realized she could barely speak.” As he brushed the girl’s hair, he discovered a tick bite with her, Daily Mail Online tick on Calin’s head. The mother acted immediately and took her daughter straight to the emergency room of a clinic.

There, five-year-old doctors diagnosed so-called tick paralysis, which can be transmitted by more than 40 different species of ticks in the world. In Germany, however, experts are increasingly searching for tropical ticks. Usually, the disease affects only domestic animals or herd animals. However, apparently even small children are not untouched by this. They then suffer symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches or numbness in the legs. As in the case of Kaylin, if the tick is not removed, it can also lead to paralysis of the limbs, including the tongue and face.

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“Please check your kids!”: Mom warns parents after her daughter’s tick paralysis

Fortunately, all went well for Kaylin: as the doctors had predicted, the side effects disappeared after 12 to 24 hours. However, after this experience, her mother wants to warn the other parents so that they do not have to go through the same experience. “Please, for God’s sake, check your kids for ticks!” He posted the impressive warning on his Facebook account. Finally, tic paralysis is more common in children than in adults. To avoid tick bites, you can keep bloodsucker away with several home remedies. Ticks do not like garlic or coconut oil.

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