Tiny House: Dorstenrin dreams of living in the tiniest of spaces

Tiny House: Dorstenrin dreams of living in the tiniest of spaces
Claudia Michaela Maria Kons is looking for a permanent parking space for her mobile home in Dorsten. © Silke Hard

A Dorsten woman dreams of a slightly different form of living: she wants to settle on 20 square meters of living space. But there is no room for it in Dorsten.

There are people in Dorsten who find little room to live. While others are building houses with more than 200 square meters of living space, Claudia Michaela Maria Koons will be extremely satisfied with just 20 square meters. The Dorsten woman, who has a name in the field of music, is looking for a small piece in Dorsten with her fellow musician Akrajul Boa. He already has a home to stand on: “We have a mobile home,” she says. But there’s no room for this affordable, frugal, minimalist form of living in Dorsten, Claudia says: “I asked everywhere, in camps and with private individuals.” So far, in vain.

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