“You Leave Us No Choice!”: “Squid Game” Is Getting Its Second Season

"You Leave Us No Choice!": "Squid Game" Is Getting Its Second Season

“You leave us no choice!”
“Squid Game” gets its second season

Desperate, indebted people compete against each other on the school playground. The winner can win a lot of money, the loser is killed. With this premise “Squid Game” became a hit. Season two is already being planned.

A reason to rejoice for all fans of the Korean Netflix thriller “Squid Game”: the series is getting a second season, as confirmed by shower finder Hwang Dong-hyuk. There was “so much pressure, so much demand and so much love” for a potential sequel, the 50-year-old told the Associated Press, which published a video of a conversation with the series creator on Twitter. “I almost feel like you don’t give us a choice!” “There will actually be a second season,” said Hwang Dong-hyuk. “It’s on my mind right now. I’m in the process of planning.”

The director and screenwriter of the streaming hit did not want to name a possible start date for season two. It’s just “too early” for him. “But I want to promise you this: Gi-hun will come back and do something for the world.”

Less than two months after debuting worldwide on September 17th, “Squid Game” is already the most successful Netflix series of all time and even surpasses the success of “Bridgeton”‘s first season. also left behind. The survival thriller, in which main character Seong Gi-hoon and other desperate Koreans risk their lives in a gruesome game show for the grand prize, has reportedly raked in nearly a billion dollars for the streaming service.

not a pure success story

But the series didn’t garner only positive headlines. With the alleged part of the Squid Coin chain, the fraudsters stole several million dollars. The ‘iconic costume’ series was banned in many US schools before Halloween for fear of children imitating the series.

Although the “Squid Game” is approved for ages 16+ in Germany (17+ in the US), the series has also found its way into Republic playgrounds. As reported by “Bayrischer Rundfunk”, for example, children in Augsburg played games from the series. with punishment. The slap in the face took the place of hanging.

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