Transfer of officials: Obi pleased from Rosenheim and Ingolstadt

Excitement among the mayors of Rosenheim and Ingolstadt: part of the government of Upper Bavaria to be transferred to their cities. As part of the second phase of the so-called transfer of officers, 500 employees are to move to the Rosenheim area and 500 to the Ingolstadt area.

Its objective is to remove overcrowding and create permanent employment at other places as well.

“A great day for Rosenheim”

Andreas Merz (CSU), Lord Mayor of Rosenheim, speaks of a “grand day for Rosenheim”. The decision that his town would now become part of the district government was a huge impetus for the authorities and business location Rosenheim.

For Meyer March, it proves the structural policy foresight to divide such an important authority into northern and southern Upper Bavaria.

“An Honor to Ingolstadt”

Ingolstadt’s Lord Mayor Christian Scharpf (SPD) is also welcomed into the government of Upper Bavaria. At present it is being considered at which place the employees can get accommodation in future. It is an honor for Ingolstadt that 500 employees are to be transferred here.

Ingolstadt is very monostructural due to the Audi HQ. If other good jobs are located here, he’s happy, says Christian Sharp.

rural areas have to be strengthened

According to Finance Minister Albert Furacker (CSU), it aims to strengthen rural areas and equal living conditions throughout Bavaria. The transfers that have been decided will not happen immediately, but over a period of about five to ten years. However, the model is based on volunteerism.

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“No one is moved against their will,” Furker insists. Its purpose is to ensure that everyone can live and work in their country. In the second phase of the transfer of officers, more than 2,600 jobs and 400 study places are to be relocated from the greater Munich area to rural areas in Bavaria.

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