Turkey calls for a new deal with the European Union

Turkey calls for a new deal with the European Union

The first EU-Turkey deal failed because the Turkish government no longer did its part. Turkey now demands a new agreement. And it should be wider than the old one.

Despite sharp criticism of its refugee policy in the country, the Turkish government is calling for a renewal of the European UnionTurkey– Deals. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday that the agreement, which should be renewed, should be “comprehensive” and includes Syrians as well as Afghans in Turkey.

According to official figures, there are already 300,000 Afghans living in the country, in addition to the 3.7 million Syrians. The Turkish government has already reacted sharply against the new refugees Afghanistan to record. According to a recent survey by the Metropol Institute, nearly 66 percent of those inquiring in Turkey agreed with the statement that the country’s growing number of refugees was the result of a wrong foreign policy.

it’s behind the deal

The refugee agreement between the EU and Turkey provides, among other things, that Turkey takes action against unauthorized migration into the EU and Greece Turkey can deport migrants who have entered the Aegean Islands illegally. In return, the EU takes one Syrian refugee from Turkey for every Syrian deported back and financially supports the country in caring for the refugees.

However, Turkey is accusing the EU of failing to honor the end of the deal and is currently refusing to withdraw. Greece recently asked the EU commission to persuade Turkey to take back rejected asylum seekers.

Disagreements between Turkey and EU leaders

EU leaders and Turkey have been looking to revise the deal for some time. Initial considerations from the EU envisage Turkey to provide an additional 3.5 billion euros from the EU budget by 2024. Turkey criticized it as inadequate.

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The opposition had recently hit a much more hostile tone in its rhetoric on the migrants issue. In Ankara Syrian people and their businesses were also attacked a few weeks ago.

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