2500 km of road: Austria increasing toll

2500 km of road: Austria increasing toll

2500 km road
Austria is raising the toll

Anyone who uses a motorway or expressway in neighboring Austria has to pay for them for about 25 years. Fees will increase again in the coming year. However, the growth is moderate.

Using Austrian motorways and expressways will become expensive again in 2022. Prices for various vignettes will increase by 1.4 percent, as announced by motorway operator Asfing. This means that in the future the annual vignette will cost EUR 93.80 (instead of 92.50). The fee for the two-month period comes to EUR 28.20 (previously 27.80). For a ten-day Vignette, drivers will have to pay 9.60 euros, which is ten cents more than before. The fee is being charged since 1997.

The proceeds will be used for the maintenance and expansion of the motorway and expressway network of about 2500 km. The fees for drivers and motorcyclists amount to about 500 million euros annually. In addition, Asfinag can also count on revenue from truck tolls of about 1.5 billion euros.

The new vignette can be purchased from 6000 Asfinag sales partners in Germany and abroad. Alternatively, the toll can also be paid online – with registration of a license plate, no need to stick or scrape.

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