Twitch streamer loses all his followers in one click

Twitch streamer loses all his followers in one click

Followers on Twitch are one of the best indicators of how popular or successful a streamer is. Especially for such a large streamer it is important to build a loyal community that will be notified when the streamer is online. If you accidentally kicked your more than 6,000 followers from your stream, that’s just silly.

twitch-streamer Ivan_gao Really only wanted to clear the follower list of his bot accounts, but while doing so he deleted all the followers. Ivan, who had about 6,800 followers, tried to dilute it a bit and remove all bot followers while keeping all the authentic ones, of course. While streamers are getting millions of followers through the bot, Gao was sure there were a few dozen, maybe even a few hundred, who needed cleanup.

6,768 less followers with one click

with a twitch tool Instead he deleted all of his 6,768 followers – simply because he forgot to put a filter on, The mishap happened when some loyal fans came to her chat and asked why they unfollowed her all of a sudden. “Wait chat, I think I did something wrong. It says I have 232 followers,” he said, rather confused.

The rest of Evan’s Twitch stream schedule was definitely cluttered. He was no longer learning – exactly what he was doing – but trying desperately to troubleshoot. Curiously, this isn’t the first time this has happened: He looked at how to use the tool to undo the CommanderRoot command, to see if he could recover everything. Spoiler: You can’t.

Eventually he unblocked his followers and many came back. Although he had only about 500 followers for some time afterwards, failure was worth it in the end, His story went viral and now his number of followers has increased from 6,700 to 7,692.

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