“Twitter is boring” – “Biden is not mentally” – Trump’s first interview after leaving the White House – Politics abroad

"Twitter is boring" - "Biden is not mentally" - Trump's first interview after leaving the White House - Politics abroad

This is what happened: Donald Trump (74) is not retiring like former presidents, instead he is now breaking his silence, which lasted less than a month!

Because: This week Trump gave his first TV interview after leaving the White House. He attacked his successor, US President Joe Biden (78), and the social network Twitter!

Regarding his possible new foray into the White House in 2024, he figuratively stated: a look…

The day after interviews on conservative TV channels “Fox News”, “America One News” (AON) and “Newsmax TV”, he pre-buttoned the most senior Republican Mitch McConnell (78) in a statement. Reason: Trump was acquitted by the Kentucky senator in his second impeachment proceeding, but declared that Trump was “practically and morally” responsible for storming the US Capitol.

Republican Mitch McConnell (78)Photo: Manuel Bailes Seneta / DPA

Analysts saw this as a sign that the powerful Republican wanted to “purify” Trump’s own party. But the 45th president is apparently not thinking of taking hold and loosening his grip on the Grand Old Party (GOP).

“Too early to say – but I see a lot of great surveys there,” Trump said during a phone call with Newsmax TV that was primarily a eulogy of radio host Rush Limbaugh, who died Wednesday . One respects the Republican right and is despised by the American liberals as a far-right.

Donald Trump (R.) With the man who many say made his presidency possible in the first place: the ultra-right radio presenter Rush Limbaugh, died on Wednesday.

Donald Trump (R.) With the man who many say made his presidency possible in the first place: the ultra-right radio presenter Rush Limbaugh, died on Wednesday.Photo: Nicholas KAMM / AFP

When asked about his own future, Trump told Fox News: “We have a lot to talk about.” In plain language: He will continue to join politics in public!

The former president did not speak in detail about the rebellion of his supporters or the second impeachment trial against him on January 6, with seven Republican senators (and all 50 Democrats) convicted. In return, he indirectly renewed his claim that Biden stole his election victory on November 6, 2020.

Trump: “Rush thought we had won – and I think so too. By the way. He was very angry. If that had happened to the democratic president, there would have been a riot.”

Other notable statements

बारे “About being kicked out of Twitter:” We don’t want to go back to Twitter. It has become very boring and millions of people are leaving. ”

He told Newsmax that his team was considering a social network under the brand name “Trump”.

Iden ▶ about Joe Biden’s statement that when the Democrats entered the White House there was no vaccine: “We injected millions.” So either he is not telling the truth or he is not there spiritually. “

Trump continues: “Even those who hate me say,” Wait a minute, the vaccine was announced long ago. “In fact, Pfizer and Biontech announced their success long before Christmas.

Trump has good reason to believe in a possible political comeback. Because although he has been accused twice in impeachment proceedings and although many top Republican politicians have turned away from him, his base stands firmly behind him.

A poll published on Tuesday and commissioned by online portal POLITICO revealed: “54 percent of Republican voters will support Trump in the internal party primaries in 2024!

Trump said: “Our political movement is very strong and getting stronger.”

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