Two Kaufberen at the U20 World Cup in Canada – games in the Allgu, immediately after the Super Bowl

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ESV Kaufbeuren’s Yannick Burghardt and Marcus Schweiger are currently in Canada. In Edmonton he will make his U20 World Cup debut against Finland on Boxing Day.

Marcus Frobenius

12/21/2021 | Stand: 8:30 pm.

on the other christmas holiday It gets serious: then the German national team starts at the U20 World Cup. From esv kaufberen Huh Two players at the tournament in Edmonton, Canada: We talked to two 19 year olds Yanik Burgherty And Marcus Schweiger,

Marcus Schweiger, You for the second time with the national team Edmonton, Has a lot changed?

  • Marcus Schweiger: Of course we don’t have as many big names as we did last year Tim Stutzley And JJ Peterka, He guided us through the tournament. I think we have a lot of talented ranks to help us achieve our goals.

Yanik Burgherty, this is your first time. How is the first impression of the team?

  • Yanik Burgherty: My impression of the team is very good. Many familiar faces in the league or last seen. We have known each other for many years, even though the paths now cross again. Team in a very quiet flock.

what happened in Edmonton And turned into Rogers Place?

  • schweiger: It hasn’t changed much. This is based on strict rules imposed by the IIHF in stadiums and hotels. However, it is very, very cold.

It’s “only” the U20 World Cup, but how do you feel about being there?

  • Burghart: “Only” the U20 World Cup is not for me or any team. It is an honor for all to be a part of the team. In Canada With several million spectators in front of the screen, it is the largest sporting event after the event. super bowl, It is very interesting to prove myself at the international level. It’s a good feeling.
Against: Marcus Schweiger completes his first season for ESVK and shows great commitment against Lausizer Fuchs.

Against: Marcus Schweiger completes his first season for ESVK and shows great commitment against Lausizer Fuchs.

Image: Mathias Wilde

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How’s the preparation going and have your sporting goals changed somewhat as a result?

  • schweiger: Preparations are going well. In Edmonton We have performed several ice units so far and are looking forward to Thursday’s preparatory game against Slovakia prepared. We’ll definitely make the best use of these units and we’re glad we got a game. This is very important for the whole team. Our goal – the quarter finals – remains unchanged.

Do you get any city atmosphere?

  • Burghart: We are in a very tight bubble. So we don’t get much else apart from hotels or hotel rooms and our cabins. We also have to take a bus for a short distance between the hotel and the stadium, as the rules are very strict. But we all like to stick to it so that this great event can happen and we can be a part of it.

Two participants of ESV Kaufberen at the U20 World Championship

  • Yanik Burgherty: 19 years, 1.72 m, 70 kg.
  • Position: Forward, #3.
  • Season 2021/22: 19 games, 2 goals, 3 assists, 5 points total.
  • Former Club: EC beating, bad tolzi, EV Fusene, esv kaufberen,
  • Marcus Schweiger: 19 years, 1.67 m, 70 kg.
  • Position: forward, #26,
  • Season 2021/22: 21 games, 2 goals, 4 assists, 6 points total.
  • Former Club: EC beating, EV Fusene, esv kaufberen,
  • world Championship: IIHF U20 World Championship runs from December 26, 2021 to January 5, 2022 Canada,
  • Location: Edmonton, Rogers Place.
  • Opponent: Scores in Group A Germany Feather Finland From 8 pm on 26th December, Czech Republic From 1 pm on 27th December, Canada from 1 pm on December 29 and Austria From 8 pm on 31st December
  • Target: 2020 Stand Germany In the quarter finals. It should be achieved this year too, I hope schweiger,
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