Uganda: Opposition candidate Bobby Vine declared himself the winner of the presidential election

Uganda: Opposition candidate Bobby Vine declared himself the winner of the presidential election

After the presidential election in Uganda Opposition candidate Bobby Vine declared himself the winner. Speaking to reporters, he said: “We have definitely won this election. And with a big edge. “First result, according to which incumbent Yoweri Museveni Are “window dressing”, clearly in the lead.

According to official information, only 34 percent of the votes have been counted so far. Museveni accounted for about 65 percent of it. So far, Challenger Wines has received only 27 percent of the votes counted.

A short time later, alcohol announced on Twitter: “We are in a circle. The military has jumped over the fence and taken control of our house. «The situation in the East African country is clearly threatening to move forward.

Violent clashes occurred repeatedly during the election campaign. 54 people died in November in protest against Vine’s arrest. Journalists reporting on opposition incidents were also attacked. Government critics were imprisoned.

38-year-old Bobby Vine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulaini, is known as a pop singer and replaces 76-year-old Museveni, who has been in office since 1986 and is aiming for a sixth term, to run in elections. Huh. Museveni was once considered a ray of hope in Africa. At the time, he sharply criticized African dictators, who he accused of not seceding from power.

Meanwhile, critics and human rights organizations accused Museveni of being one of these old dictators. After the elections, Challenger Vine reported that his party’s election observers were beaten and chased. Ballots have been opened and completely collapsed. Some voters were only given ballots for the parliamentary elections held at the same time.

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Wants to give evidence of alcohol charges

Officials said the presidential and parliamentary elections were peaceful and uneven. The head of the Election Commission, Justice Simon Mugheny Bybakama, denied the allegations of election fraud. The burden of challenge lies with the challenger.

In Uganda, blocked internet connections were suspended since Wednesday while counting of votes was done. Once the internet was restored, Vine announced the release of video evidence for his allegations. The results of the election are expected to be announced on Saturday afternoon.

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