Uninstall Windows 11: How to Downgrade to Windows 10

Install Windows 11: How to Solve Update Problems

You want to uninstall Windows 11 and use Windows 10 again? This is how you undo the upgrade to Windows 11.

after upgrading from Windows 10 Feather windows 11 Some users are disappointed and would prefer to uninstall Windows 11 again immediately.

Aside from the bugs and errors that are almost infamous with major Windows updates, you may have problems with system performance. On some hardware, Windows 11 doesn’t run as fast as Windows 10.

Microsoft has promised improvements and optimizations to critical system components with regular mini-updates. If your computer is not running smoothly after the upgrade, it is better to uninstall Windows 11 again. Shortly after the upgrade, you have 10 days to do so, but you can use this period for others Extend feature updates to 60 days,

This should give you enough time to fix problems if necessary. For example, removed features such as see detail either Drag and drop “Retrofit” with new taskbar.

If 60 days have passed, you can no longer uninstall Windows 11. then you only have one Windows 10 with Full Restore,

If you have decided to uninstall Windows 11 within this period, you can easily get back to Windows 10 with the following steps.

Apart from the taskbar hacks already mentioned, you can also use the old context menu in Windows 11 activate windows 10 either Turn off new widgets completely, This makes Windows 11 a little thinner and easier to use.

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