US Aviation Administration denies astronaut titles to Bezos and Branson

US Aviation Administration denies astronaut titles to Bezos and Branson

No astronaut? Jeff Bezos in front of his rocket. (Photo: Blue Origin)

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson should call themselves astronauts from the height they reached. The US Aviation Authority denied him the title – because of new regulations.

Two billionaires went on a short trip into space in the past two weeks. One, British entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson, brought it to an altitude of 86 km. American billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos flew 106 km in his capsule. Since an altitude of 80 kilometers was enough for the title of (commercial) astronaut, Bezos and Branson could each call themselves astronauts – in fact.

Astronaut title: FAA tightens rules

In form of BBC reportThe US Aviation Administration (FAA) has now things have changedWhich you have to accomplish to be called an astronaut: in. Accordingly, both the billionaire and potential passengers of the planned space tourism proposals would not be astronauts within the meaning of the FAA. According to the new rules, candidates for the title of astronaut will have to be part of the crew and also contribute to the safety of flights in space.

Doesn’t apply to Bezos and Branson either The Potential Future Space Tourist: Inside To. In downfall of bezos And its space program, likely even less so. Because Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin, previously The Beginning of Bezos and His Three Fellow Travelers: Inside It was emphasized last week that there was “really nothing to do” for crew members in an autonomously flying rocket/capsule.

Bezos and Branson as Honorary Astronauts?

However, as part of the FAA’s so-called WINGS program, through which the title is awarded for commercial flights, potential candidates for the honor must be proposed in advance. Currently, according to the FAA, there are no such proposals for review. In addition to the WINGS program, there is an opportunity to earn the title of astronaut: NASA and also with the military. But there’s still a glimmer of hope for Bezos and Branson: the kind of honorary astronaut title the FAA can award.

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