US ticker: Biden blocks US exit from WHO

US ticker: Biden blocks US exit from WHO

2.30 pm. Speaker: Homecoming like going to the White House for Biden

According to his spokesman, it was realized at Biden’s home in the White House. Jane Panaki said in her first press conference as a White House spokesperson that she was an incredibly calm and happy one, which was certainly also due to the fact that she spent the day with her family. “But, you know, he also said that he felt like he had returned home.” Sasaki referred to Biden’s eight-year term as Vice President Barack Obama. “That was the feeling that came over him today.”

02.00 am: Biden spokesman wants to start daily press talks

Biden’s spokesman wants to revive daily press talks at the White House. Jane Psaki (42) said in her first press conference to be honest with reporters. A White House spokesman said, “When the President asked me to serve in this role, we discussed the importance of bringing truth and transparency to the briefing room.” She plans daily press conferences – “I’m not a monster, not Saturday and Sunday”.

1:45 pm.: Biden will talk to allied countries on the Iran issue

The nuclear dispute with Iran will be an issue in the president’s first talks with US allies, according to Biden’s spokesman. Biden admitted that diplomacy would ban the Iran nuclear program.

1:35 am: Biden takes initiative to change course in migration policy

Soon after assuming office, Biden initiated a course change in migration policy. Just hours after the swearing-in, Biden sent a bill to the US Congress, as announced by New White House spokesman Jane Saki in the evening (local time). According to the information, the draft provides, among other things, that those who have previously resided in the United States without a residence permit must be given the opportunity to obtain a residence permit – and also American citizenship in the long term. The integration of immigrants and refugees should also be improved accordingly. Biden also wants to secure a program to save about 700,000 young migrants from deportation (daka) on a permanent basis.

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1:20 pm. First conversation with Trudeau

Joe Biden wants to have first talks with the foreign heads of state and government as the US president. Biden’s first negotiator will be Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday in Washington on Wednesday. ¬ęTheir first call will be with partners and associates. They believe that it is important to rebuild those relationships and overcome the challenges and threats facing us in the world. “A phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been planned yet.

12.55 pm.: US Senate intelligence coordinator confirms Hannes

The US Senate has confirmed Secret Service Coordinator Avril Haines nominated by the new President Joe Biden. The Congress Chamber waved through Wednesday evening (local time), the first government member nominated by Biden. The former deputy head of the CIA’s Foreign Intelligence Service becomes the first woman in US history to become director of the Secret Service and subsequently coordinate the work of the nation’s intelligence services.

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