USA: Women are partying – and suddenly have $50 billion in debt – Abroad News

USA: Women are partying - and suddenly have $50 billion in debt - Abroad News

Did he buy some drinks for people all over the planet?!

American Maddie McGivern was out with her faction at a bar in Santa Monica (California). When she came home from tour, there was a shock: $50 billion in debt suddenly appeared in her account.

To be precise: – $49 999 999 697.98!

Gabe Flores took a video on Sunday morning after his girlfriend found out about the banking madness and uploaded it to TikTok. The clip has been viewed over a million times so far.

You hear: “We were at a bar. And when Maddie saw her hand at home, she was just $50 billion in crap!” And the Queen of Debt laments: “I swear to God, it really is a lot. What should I do now?!”

A new clip of Maddie McGivern arrives exactly a day later. In it she tells how it happened. He called his bank and the conversation went like this:

“Hello, this is your bank… how can I help you?”

“Hi, I have $50 billion in debt and I’m not sure why.”

“Please stay tuned, I’ll have a look.”

Student: Maddie McGivern had received a message that an equally high billions would be transferred to her in 2099. After phone calls did not continue, a visit to the bank finally helped and brought clarity.

A spokesperson for the bank concerned said, “Over the weekend we encountered a technical issue that affected some accounts.” Opposite Newsweek. “Now we are able to solve the problem, all accounts are showing the correct amount again.”

In Maddie McGivern’s case, that was $76.28.

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