Volksbank customers targeted by cyber gangsters

Volksbank customers targeted by cyber gangsters

Volksbank customers should be especially careful now. After Christmas they attack cyber gangsters.

After Christmas, cyber gangsters mainly target Volksbank customers. Because at the moment phishing mails that claim to come from Volksbank arrive in the mailbox.

The subject line of the fraudulent email is “News in Online Banking-2021-12-27”. If you move the mouse pointer over the alleged sender – in many cases we know he is “Daniel Pirzel from Volksbank customer service” – you can see where the email actually came from: not from Volksbank.

After the general greeting “Dear Customer”, a long text follows, which states that “On 23 November 2021, changes to the ‘Payment Services Directive 2’ (PSD2) came into force in the European Union”. This will introduce two-step authentication for logging in to online banking. But the recipient’s online banking is not yet ready for this, which is why they now have to check their customer data. This review must take place by December 31, 2021, otherwise Volksbank will have to terminate online banking access. Reference to PSD2 and the associated introduction to two-step authentication is an old scam that is often used for phishing emails.

At the bottom is an orange button with the text “To Change”.

As always, delete this email without clicking on anything. Your bank will never send you an email asking you to click on a link or button to log in to your online banking.

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Recently there has been a huge amount of phishing emails on various topics.

Here’s the overview:

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