Wales: Four-year-old discovers dinosaur footprint on beach

Wales: Four-year-old discovers dinosaur footprint on beach

“Dad, look!” This sentence has been spoken a million times by children around the world Great britain Now a small sensation was born – and four-year-old Lily Wilder was recognized as a palaeontologist.

In form of BBC Reportedly, while taking a walk on the beach at Bendricks Bay near the Welsh town of Barry, Lily discovered a striking pattern in a boulder. He calls his father.

The imprint in the rock looked like a bird’s claw, but was much larger. Father Richard took a picture of the print, which was eventually sent by Lily’s mother to a Facebook group of fossil experts and eventually to the paleontologist at the National Museum of Wales. Results: Lily discovered the footprint of a 75 cm long dinosaur that lived around 220 million years ago.

Broadcaster ITV published a picture of the surprise discovery on Twitter.

The imprint was clearly preserved for millennia through thick layers of clay. While the area is known for fossils found, Lily’s discovery is “by far the finest specimen on this beach”, according to Cindy Howells, a paleontologist at the National Museum of Wales.

According to the BBC, there are similar similarities to the traces of the Koelophis dinosaurs that were already America Were found It is a comparatively small gene of carnivorous dinosaurs that walk on two legs.

A statement from the Welsh National Museum stated, “The magnificent state of preservation can help scientists learn more about the structure of their feet, as the print even draws conclusions about claws and claw marks allows for.” The imprint has now survived and is to be stored in the museum.

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Lillie also seems to have had an increased enthusiasm – but not for the unknown colophysis. Asked which dinosaur he liked best, the four-year-old confidently replied: “The T-Rex”.

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