WhatsApp removes important tasks: Customers have to be ready for important changes again

WhatsApp removes important tasks: Customers have to be ready for important changes again

WhatsApp has been criticized repeatedly in recent months

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WhatsApp has come under criticism in recent months due to questionable changes. With the current version, WhatsApp is missing a function popular with users.

  • Whatsapp Since being established in 2009, it has been one of the most popular instant messaging services for smartphones.
  • Since 2014 Whatsapp A part of Facebook inc.
  • As of May, users of the Messenger service will have to give their consent for the transfer of data to other Facebook companies to continue using the application.

Dublin – Whatsapp In recent weeks its terms of use have changed due to repeated criticism. Now comes the next hit for the messenger app users. Since a new update, users of Android smartphones in particular should no longer be able to use the app as usual. Because Android is quick access to devices Google camera whatsapp Unavailable

WhatsApp: After update, practical function is missing – problems with Android

Android smartphones that have the latest version Whatsapp Installed can no longer access popular linking Whatsapp in Google camera the access. Like internet portal 9to5google.com Want to find out what’s missing from the latest WhatsappUse link for application in Google camera. Generally, users can use instant access to share photos Google camera To friends and acquaintances Whatsapp Send it. Who keeps his photos Whatsapp Want to share, you have to do it with the share function from now on or switch to the app first and send the picture from there.

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As 9to5google.com Changes or bugs cannot be reported Google camera Because there has been no new update for this for a long time. Final version of Whatsapp ( continues to support the quick access function. Furthermore, it is not yet clear whether this change is a bug or a permanent change in function.

WhatsApp has been criticized repeatedly in recent weeks

The last few weeks have not been easy Whatsapp. Since it became known that the app wanted to share its users’ data with other Facebook companies in the future, many users switched to alternative messenger services such as “Signal”. Meanwhile, the company has responded to criticism and temporarily postponed the change in the terms of use from at least February 8, 2021 to May 15, 2021. The core of the criticism focuses on the fact that users must agree to the changes. To continue using WhatsApp. ()Faf)

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