Walk through the only open museum «kleinezeitung.at

Walk through the only open museum «kleinezeitung.at

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Museums and galleries are closed, but art is waiting in many locations to provide valuable input. Walk through the Graz to works of art in a public place.

From Susan Rakowitz | 05.10, 30 January 2021

“There are also mirrors in which you can see what’s missing”, Michael Schuster in the entrance to Landoshoe © DAVID AUNER

You feel like he is just taking a short break and what you are doing as a knight: lying on the roof and watching the sky carefully. Some will surely object now: but please, the knights have a completely different job description! Maybe, but not on the roof of the state armory. in 2011 German-Turkish Artist Nason tr Made a substitute for the myths surrounding Graz with his knights (“south) bulwark against the east”. The children have given “Unknown Knight” a legend that is much more contemporary anyway: the war-weary knight dreams of the moon. In view of this, the right way to get in the mood for art in a public place is: to change one’s perspective. “Art does not have an act of prejudice, but provides encouragement, you get other thoughts and ideas,” says Elizabeth fiddler. Chief curator at Institute for the Arts in Public Places Styria, Sends us on a cultural tour through Graz.

Located around the corner of the armory, in the entrance to Landausch Michael schusters Installation “There are also mirrors in which you can see what’s missing”. According to Fiedler, a quote from Hebbel that is not only a reference to parliamentarianism, but also that the individual can always reflect himself. At the moment everything that is being claimed for one is being meticulously questioned. “

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